What is Goodwill Hunting?

Goodwill Hunting curates the best of resale & secondhand fashion.

Welcome to curation-as-a-service—but make it (pre-loved) fashion. I hunt across dozens of fragmented resale sites, countless articles, and jobs from my network so shopping consciously is more curated, social, and fun.

Each edition includes handpicked:

  • pre-loved fashion to shop

  • insightful articles to read

  • jobs in resale & circular fashion

Hi, I’m Danielle

I'm a Product Manager obsessed with how tech can foster meaningful customer experiences and make a positive impact in the world. Originally trained in diplomacy, I now serve as a translator between tech and non-tech teams in designing, building, and launching products at the intersection of fashion, tech, and sustainability. I have a BS from Georgetown University and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, but I’m most proud of:

  • 20+ years of thrifting—I’ve been a buyer and seller on pretty much every resale fashion site

  • 11+ years of not buying any new clothes—only thrifted, vintage, secondhand, swapped, self-sewn, or certified ethically made

  • 10+ years of building and launching products in consumer tech

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Danielle L. Vermeer

Product Manager at the intersection of fashion, tech, and circularity. On a mission to make fashion shopping online more sustainable, social, and fun.